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Roswitha Dorr – June 13, 2014:
It’s wonderful that you share your unique talent through these CDs. I love the way your music flows and plays around the tunes. Sets a lovely, calming, yet lively, mood.

        Roswitha Dorr

Kathy Sheridan – October 19, 2015:
This is the first CD we bought. It was at a Fall fair and we heard the music and followed it to a booth where they were being sold. We love it and play it when we have dinner parties.



Elizabeth – October 26, 2016:
Wow….this is the most relaxing music. I play it all the time I’m driving in traffic and it’s super calming. I especially like your original compositions and renditions. I hope you keep producing new pieces; they’re my favorite. My favorite of all time is ‘One Summer Morning’ Fantastic. Your playing makes me want to take up piano lessons. Just ordered 3 more tapes. That makes 5 for me over the years. First discovered you at an upscale craft fair in FL about 3 yrs. ago and am so glad I did.

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