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Relax with music 101

Bad Guy

Good Guy

Ladies and Gentlemen,


My name is Sergei Novikov, and I am here to tell you that I have the best profession in the world. What do I do for a living? I make people happy. Why are people happy when they see and hear me? They are happy because I help them get away. My music takes them to a better place - it makes them feel comfortable and at peace with themselves. What do I do that makes them feel that way? It’s very simple: I trick their brain. And today, I would like to show you how I perform that trick.


Over the next two minutes, you’re going to hear an original interpretation of a very familiar piece of classical music.


You are also going to see various images from different places around the world. You may be familiar with some of those places, and may have even been there yourself. If you don’t recognize them, try to guess  where their possible location is.










Now, think about what you were thinking about two minutes ago.


Let me guess. If what you were thinking about two minutes ago was negative or uncomfortable, it took you a little while to recall it. This is because, for two minutes, the negativity was almost completely gone. On the other hand, if two minutes ago you had positive thoughts in your head, they never went away. The positivity was with you all this time. What these images and music did was enhance your state of mind. Some people would call it bliss.


There is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, but I would like to offer a simpler interpretation.  I believe the simpler your explanation is, the more use people will get out of it. So, here it is.


Once again, this is our brain. Let’s imagine our brain as a room. This room is always occupied, and it is never completely empty, even when we sleep. 


There are two basic kinds of tenants in this room. The first kind we’ll call “the bad guy” (we use sophisticated scientific terminology here). The bad guy is also known as negative thought.

And the second kind, you guessed it–“the good guy”–is also known as

positive thought.
















Now, there are differences between how these two fellows behave. The bad guy enters the room as he pleases, without permission or an invitation, and stays there until you do something about it. If he stays in the room for too long, you experience a state of mind called stress.


On the contrary, it takes effort and knowledge to get a good guy into the room, and it’s most important to keep him there. The knowledge to keep him there you are collecting as we speak. The effort to keep him there is 100% up to you.


So, how do you get rid of this little bugger, the bad guy?


Here is the trick!


Thoughts  always have the same structure. 

This is what it  looks like:
















It is a chain. In other words, it is a series of connected links. 

This chain is always on the move. It goes around, creating a circle, and always comes back to where it started. 


That is why today you have about 80-90% of the same thoughts you had yesterday or the day before.


When people say: ”I just can’t get it out of my head," this chain is the reason why.


To break this pattern you need to put something in its way. 


"Yes!!!" you’ll say. "That is where the positive thinking comes in." Not so fast.


Unfortunately, the bad guy is almost always stronger than a good guy, but the good news is that the bad guy always underestimates the random thought. Therefore in this struggle the random thought wins.

Random thoughts break this cycle.


And what is a random thought?

It’s the top of a mountain, a quiet lake, blue skies, a waterfall in the woods, or the most beautiful thought of all: the memories of your childhood.


As I come to my conclusion, I will give you a very simple summary of what I just said:


There are two kinds of thoughts: Positive and negative.

Negative is almost always stronger than positive.

Thoughts are a series of connected links and they are always moving in circles.

Your goal is to break that cycle.

In this case, Music is your instrument of choice.

Close your eyes and turn it on. Results will come automatically.

This strategy is an ongoing process, not an overnight solution.

Sergei Novikov

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