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 I received your three Christmas cd's last week (it only took 4 days to reach me here in Truro), and I must tell you It was almost as good as opening presents on Christmas morning. They are wonderful.


I have been playing them constantly and getting so much enjoyment from them. Your style is unique and the music separates it self from the usual standard fare that pops up at Christmas, particularly the two most recent ones. The 2001 cd with the background accompanyment clearly shows how you have matured and developed over the last 12 years.


I think you were wise to drop the background music and simply play the piano alone and unembelished. Your sound has a purity and tone that is a treat every time I listen. I think that while I love the Christmas standards, it is your own compositions that most please me and show your talent in best light. 


I wish you and your family a most blessed and happy Christmas, and continued success in the years ahead. I look forward to acquiring more of your great music in the new year.


Your biggest fan in Nova Scotia, and maybe all of Canada, 


Brian Ross

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