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William Tweedy 
I have several of Sergei’s albums which are thoroughly enjoyable and very entertaining and this album I am sure will not disappoint.


Mark Snyder 
As a radio reviewer and interviewer, I’ve had on many instrumentalists. Sergei is outstanding. And, what could be better than a new CD? A double one!


Doris Konnerth 
I first met Sergei at a Fair in upstate New York. He was playing his lovely music and that drew me right to him. I started singing along with some of the songs he was playing. He was very gracious and we had a very nice conversation. I purchased two of his albums at that time, and since then have purchased four more. I love each and every one of them. Play them frequently. Thank you for giving us beautiful music Sergei. You can be sure I’ll be purchasing this one.



Bill & Mona. White 
We take your music with us wherever we go. It is the most relaxing music we have ever listened to in our lifetime. You have made a great contribution to American music with your God given talent.

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